How to Start Vlogging on YouTube

Interested in learning how to make your own vlogs for YouTube? Wise decision on both fronts, my friend. With the meteoric rise of YouTube serving as evidence, it’s undeniable that video is becoming an increasingly popular medium for both content producers and consumers (two terms, more and more, describing the same population).

Vlogger’s toolbox

Video recording device: My guess is that you already own something that records to video, if not a dedicated camcorder, then a cell phone, digital camera or webcam. If not, don’t worry-although, you did just bust my “no purchases necessary” bubble–because you can get one online or at nearby brick-and-mortar on the cheap. Editing software: Again, even if you’re unaware, you most likely already have it. Windows Movie Maker comes bundled with Microsoft PCs, and iMovie comes with Macs.

Pick a topic, any topic

Important: although blogging is personal, this isn’t your diary, folks. Maybe you to want to listen to yourself ramble on about the mundane details of your life, your current emotional state, or whatever else is on the top of your head, but, trust me, nobody else does. Your video blog, to be effective, should be tightly focused on a singular topic, one about which you are a) knowledgeable and b) passionate. If you meet those two qualifications, then your vlog has the best chance of offering something worthwhile to the viewer in an interesting, compelling manner.

Lights, camera, action!

The best option is to position yourself near a window, letting the sunlight your face. The goal is to make sure your face is well lit so the viewer can see all that passion about Bounce dryer sheets being emoted on your expressive features. If you have to use artificial lighting, avoid relying just on overheads, which can shadow your eyes and simply not provide enough light. I’d advise using a desk lamp set up near eye level to supplement. Learn more.

Edit it

Generally speaking, shorter equals better. It’s a moot point that there’s a ten minute limit on YouTube; your vlog shouldn’t come within a closet make-out session length of that time maximum. Seriously, I highly doubt what you’re talking about warrants more than three minutes, probably no more than two. If you haven’t been paying attention, online content platforms becoming popular lately fall under the more-is-less micro category. Twitter, anyone?

Send it through the YouTubes

The information you wrap around your vlog is just as important as the information you deliver in it. Around it? Yes, I’m talking about the title, info and tags. Not only do these three make up the text that’ll communicate to the user what your vlog is about, but, importantly, they’re three main factors by which YouTube indexes your video for inclusion in its search engine, as well as how the other major players like Google and Bing do so too. As such, you should be filling each with searched keywords best describing your subject matter. The title is the most important; the art is writing one that packages your topical keywords into an appealing attention getter, plainly and delivering the gist, but in a click-baiting, compelling way.


Why it is important for to have an idea of vlogging for YouTube because YouTube has become the leader in online video–in fact, now fielding more queries in the US than any other search engine saves Google–it makes the most sense to publish there. Check out this site: